Virtual Health Talks

This is the most requested service, provided based on the unique delivery. Our Docs are Trained to  “Edu-Tain” & create audience interaction.

Choose from a number of certified talks with our most popular of 2020 being: 
  • Posture, Performance, & Ergonomics - - How to setup the perfect in-home and office work station.
  • Headaches & Migraines - - Learn how to prevent the #1 killer of productivity.
  • Stress Overload Syndrome - -  Raise your hand if you have ever experienced stress??... This talk is for you. 
*** The local NWA Wellness Champion Doctor can join your meeting or host a meeting for you. 

Using a variety of special tests and health professionals, we can collect info that will create a "Teachable Moment".  

The info is used immediately to put your employees or community members on a better path on the spot.

This program is best for:
  • Large corporate events that contain other vendors.
  • Community events that contain other vendors.
  • Corporate events or community events that need vendors - - We can help build a health fair with you with our network of vendors. 
***Have a smaller company or community group? See our more popular, "Health Selfie by Appointment".
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