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Health Selfies By Appointment

When your employees read an email, opt-in for a convenient & efficient visit inside your company walls, we can complete an expedited "Health Selfie". A variety of technology readings get a "snap-shot" or health selfie of each interested employee.

The testing used is flexible available to best fit your needs. We can not only show results, but we can also make immediate recommendations privately. If you provide us a date and the room, we can do the rest. This "Health Selfie" has been extremely popular in the busy workplace. 

Virtual Health Talks

This is the most requested service, provided based on the unique delivery. Our Docs are Trained to  “Edu-Tain” & create audience interaction.

Choose from a number of certified talks with our most popular of 2020 being: 
  • Posture, Performance, & Ergonomics - - How to setup the perfect in-home and office work station.
  • Headaches & Migraines - - Learn how to prevent the #1 killer of productivity.
  • Stress Overload Syndrome - -  Raise your hand if you have ever experienced stress??... This talk is for you. 


Using a variety of special tests and health professionals, we can collect info that will create a "Teachable Moment".  The info is used immediately to put your employees on a better path on the spot. Best for Large events with other vendors or can provide vendors for you.

Have a smaller company or community group? See our more popular, "Health Selfie by Appointment".
The Wellness Champions of NWA Team

About Us:

The Wellness Champions are doctors that received comprehensive training well beyond the required post-graduate degree and are accomplished and adept enough to work with any audience.

It is very common for our doctors to be recognized with awards and achievements in their respective fields, and also hold professional affiliations with the most profitable organizations world-wide. You will be utilizing one of the key elements to success when you work with a Wellness Champion. This group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and will keep your 'Corporate Athletes' performing like 'Elite Athletes.' 


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The Wellness Champions of NWA
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